We now have better malware scans, so Google doesn't hate us anymore and your browser should've stopped giving you warnings saying 'Attackers on' want to install malware on your PC. As always, be careful with files you download, especially when you use a shitty operating system (read: Windows).

- lesderid


Our account got suspended again due to an abuse report. Tor uploads are now only kept for 24h and some files might be deleted. A transparency report will come soon(tm).

- lesderid


Yesterday the host suspended our account due to another abuse report, which has since been resolved. Since this is starting to hurt the site and its users, some files have been deleted. See the report for more information.

- lesderid


The domain was put on hold by the registry because the Internet Whatever Forum (IWF, already forgot the actual name) says was associated with cp. Basically, someone just sent them a list of a few cp files instead of sending an abuse report to us. This means was offline for like half a day, including no MX records for e-mail. You can imagine I'm pretty annoyed. Anyway, they said they would just send us an abuse e-mail if it happens again, so at least this shouldn't happen again. Since people might think the site is compromised, I updated the canary. Sorry for the downtime, and as always details are here.

- lesderid


Ownership is transferred to lesderid, owner of The hosting moved away from Russia and is now hosted in Europe. That's pretty much all that's changing. Files stay, uploading stays, e-mails stay. More info at and

- HB & lesderid


Updated canary, been really busy with work lately but things are working for the most part. I received an email I wanted to release, found at


Updated canary, nothing really of interest happening. Hope you guys are enjoying the service!

- HB


Sorry for not updating in awhile, busy with life and shit. Just wanted to let everyone know that the site is doing good, uploads are increasing every day. I plan on finishing the git project and moving all my projects over (hopefully soon.) The great people at Cryptostorm VPN have set me up with some free tokens to give to my users. If you're interested, email me at to get one. I updated our warrant canary today. Check it out here

- HB & DM


Donation links are now up. It's only like $15 a month in hosting, will be setting up public financial reports and documenting where the cash is going. All extra cash will just roll over to the next month. Donation link:

- HB


Set up a Twitter

- HB


Fixed some redirect issues pertaining to browsers that dont cache previous websites that used https before. Dillo and links browsers are now fully compatible with uploading. Terminal/netcat support is to come

- Dankmaster Flex


We now have e-mail addresses availible with

- HB & Vincent Canfield (vc)


Edited the site a little, scaled down the images. Nothing too major. We also now have catgirls.

- HB


Server is back online and HPKP key pinning error should be fixed. Site is fully operational again. Enjoy your secure connection.

- HB & Dankmaster Flex


Sorry about the recent downtime. We moved our servers to a Russian company who doesn't respond to US/EU requests for information, or DMCA takedowns. Transition had a few hiccups but everything is working well now. While transferring the database, some files were lost. It was a small amount, but figured I should give the heads up in case your file is getting 404'd. Many thanks to Dankmaster, the migration would not have been possible without him. We moved away from cloudflare because we had too many issues with them and do not trust them. Servers are now hosted with

- HB and Dankmaster Flex


Fixed redirect issue. Also, we now have a git set up, sites source will up soon.

- HB & Dankmaster Flex


Max upload size is now 100MB

- HB


We now support automatic file deletion. You can choose a specified time from 6 hours, to unlimited, with unlimited being the default.

- HB


Disabled ICMP packets, so no ping'ing

- HB & Dankmaster Flex


Warrant canary has been renewed

- HB


Switched from SSL to TLS.

- Dankmaster Flex


SSL is up for subdomain, new keys for all. Site is ready to go again.

- HB & Dankmaster Flex


We now have a shortlink for all new uploads. Old links will not be affected. We should have SSL up on the subdomain shortly. Example:

- HB


We now support our noscript (people who don't use javascript) visitors!

- Dankmaster Flex


As of today, we have an abuse email. Guess what it is? Correct! (I get a kick out of it, don't you?) We also set up admin emails for myself and Dankmaster Flex. You can reach us at or ~ Our public keys can be found here

- HB & Dankmaster Flex


I do not wish to use analytics for the site, so I've come up with a non-invasive way to track usage. I've set a cronjob to run "ls -1 | wc -l" in the files directory and output it in a file every hour. This allows me to track uploads/hr without invading my users privacy.

- HB


This is our first changelog post. As of today, we implemented SSL, keyed our server, implemented a warrant canary, disabled server-side PHP execution, cleaned up the front page, updated the FAQ, removed the tools page (we will implement our own), removed EXIF data from uploaded images (will remove all metadata soon), increased file upload size to 50mb, and did a few other security-related changes. We're working on making the site work without JS, and if we do well enough, hoping to increase the upload-size limit. Thank you to all our users, we hope to serve you well.

- HB (Head Brogrammer, or happybox, whichever you prefer!) and Dankmaster Flex