What browsers are supported?
‣ cocaine.ninja does NOT support Internet Explorer and older versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera 
and Safari. 

What is the max upload size?
‣ Max file size is 128MiB 32MiB

What isn't allowed?
‣ No child sexual abuse material, malware, or other files that are illegal in France and/or
the United Kingdom

What is allowed?
‣ All filetypes are allowed, ALL!  (gif,exe,jpg,rar,ass,srt,zip,png,dick,etc,etc).

My file was removed!
‣ Any file can be removed or replaced at any time for any reason.

Do you keep logs?
‣ No logs are kept, no logs over uploading nor over downloading.  This can be temp enabled to 
stop certain spamming (read: child porn or such). In that case, we will restrict access to
repeat offenders, if required. Original file names are saved along with your files, if they're
provided by your browser.

Do you look at my files?
‣ Usually not because most of you probably just upload shitty porn and screenshots, and I don't give
a fuck about those. If you don't trust me, don't upload your shit to my site. If you upload malware
or something else suspicious (read: anything called 'virus.exe' or other stupid shit), there's a
chance I'll see it, but probably not, because there's just too many files. If you *want* me to see
a file, send me an e-mail.

Is there a changelog?
‣ Yes! We keep a "changeblog." It can be found here

Will you take the fall for me if I do something stupid?
‣ All content uploaded is the sole responsiblity of the uploader, and the uploader retains full 
ownership. That being said, I don't keep IP logs or anything like that. I'm sure if they want you 
bad enough they can find you through a third party. Don't be a dumbass.

Who owns cocaine.ninja?
‣ cocaine.ninja is owned and maintained by lesderid

Where can I report abuse?
‣ For removal of a file or to report abuse, email abuse@cocaine.ninja

I want to send you some encrypted shit, where do I find your public key?
‣ First off, thanks for using encryption. Secondly, here you go.

Does cocaine.ninja have ssl support?
‣ Yes. Here's our report on ssllabs

Follow the rules and tips I have set up above, please. The FAQ may also be changed and updated at 
any time.